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China Qyd Flail Mower for Tractor with Pto Shaft pto shaft bearing

Solution Description

Merchandise Specs:

Model QYD185 QYD205 QYD225 QYD300
Working width 1800mm 2000mm 2200mm 2920mm
Excess weight 520kg 543kg 576kg 1300kg
No. of Belt 4 5
Cat of 3 level Linkage  
PTO turning pace 540r/min 1000r/min
1200g hammer fourteen 16 18 30

Solution Decription:

The  QYD  series large flail mowers are outfitted with a quite heavily built body and a quite powerful drive with a thousand revolutions gearbox. The rotor generates an massive influence power with a quite substantial capacity as a consequence.
This substantial-capability machine operates quite well in processing eco-friendly manure and corn stover but is also appropriate for road verge maintenance.

The mower  is outfitted with hydraulic offset as common. And it is equipped with 1.2 kg  heavy responsibility flails.

Our positive aspects:

A  complete complete set of generation tools direct to  short  lead time and far better rates of equipment.

Ensure 1 12 months warranty of all our merchandise.

Produce machines according to any needs from our buyers.

New machines will be developed  every calendar year.

Each and every product of our device will be examined prior to the shipping to the port.

If you want to pay a visit to our manufacturing facility, our manager will give you a ideal reception.

Beautiful  presents will be provided  for all of our consumers just before every year’s Christmas.

Operate shop and business office:


Blade shaft:

Laser equipment:


Rest location:


Concluded devices:



/ Set
20 Set

(Min. Order)


After-sales Service: Within One Hour
Warranty: One Year
Certification: CE, ISO 9001:2000
Application: Paddy Field, Fruit Tree, Lawn, Farmland
Cutting Height: 10-80mm
Cutting Width: 900mm






/ Set
20 Set

(Min. Order)


After-sales Service: Within One Hour
Warranty: One Year
Certification: CE, ISO 9001:2000
Application: Paddy Field, Fruit Tree, Lawn, Farmland
Cutting Height: 10-80mm
Cutting Width: 900mm






What Is a PTO Shaft?

A PTO shaft is a component that is important for a power take-off (PTO) tractor. There are many different kinds of PTOs, including Italian, German, and North American types. The types are categorized into different series, which will have different features such as bearing diameter, cap-to-cap length, and snap rings.
Shaft Collar

Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft

A PTO shaft is a high-speed working shaft that provides torque and lift. This is an advantage for machines that lift and lower loads and are often used on construction sites. Often, the operating elements are located outside of the operator’s cabin. A safety system is also present that allows the PTO shaft to automatically disengage if it is not turned on.
A safety retaining band 12 is used to secure the PTO shaft. The retaining band extends axially from the PTO shaft S and includes a hinge. The band may be adjustable in width to ensure a correct clearance from the PTO shaft. If necessary, it may also be secured with a conventional over-center clamp.
The power-take-off (PTO) shaft is a crucial part of a tractor. Understanding how power is transferred from the tractor’s engine to the implement requires a better understanding of how this shaft works. The torque and speed of the PTO shaft is essential to developing and utilizing the power of the tractor. There are many ways to measure torque and speed at the PTO shaft, including using a telemetry or encoder system.
A Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft safety retainer is an inexpensive, dependable, and fully effective device that protects the PTO shaft from entanglement. Its effectiveness will become clear after reading the specification. A power take-off shaft safety retainer is not difficult to install and is a good choice for many applications.
PTO shafts have a dangerous tendency to separate from the driven machinery. This poses a safety hazard because the PTO shaft can continue to whip around while the operator is driving the machine. Additionally, it can be very difficult for the operator to reach the power plant when operating PTO-driven equipment.

Safety chain

The safety chain on your PTO shaft is an important component of your tractor’s safety system. A properly guarded PTO can prevent entanglement with people, tools, and objects. Moreover, it reduces the risk of the PTO shaft becoming detached from the tractor. It also prevents people from stepping over the rotating shaft.
When not guarded, a PTO shaft is extremely dangerous. It can cause serious injuries and even death. Proper safety chains can prevent this from happening and protect livestock from damage to the PTO shaft. If you’re looking to purchase a safety chain for your PTO shaft, be sure to get one that fits tightly.
When properly attached, a safety chain can keep the shaft from swinging when the PTO is engaged. A 540-rpm PTO shaft will make more than two complete revolutions in less than five seconds. That means it can wrap someone in five tenths of a second. And if you try to pull away, you’ll get wrapped even tighter!
Another reason to use a safety chain is to prevent injury from clothing getting caught in the drive shaft. A jacket or a sweater can entangle itself around the PTO shaft and cause a serious injury. The clothing can also trap the injured limb against the shaft. Hence, the chain should be removed as soon as possible after the operation is completed.
A safety chain is an essential part of your tractor’s safety system. It prevents an accident from happening because of improper maintenance. A poorly maintained PTO shaft can result in severe injuries or even death. Properly installed and maintained safety chain can help you prevent any kind of PTO shaft accident.
Shaft Collar

Universal joint

A bad universal joint can cause a number of problems for your tractor or implement. These issues may include squeaking or clunking noises when you shift gears, or a shuddering sensation when you brake. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is best to take your vehicle to a mechanic right away for a thorough inspection. If not fixed properly, a bad universal joint can separate from the drive shaft and cause major damage to the tractor or implement.
In order to choose the proper universal joint, you must consider the size of your PTO shaft. Some implements have a diameter of 14 inches or more from the hitch point to the end of the input shaft. The longer distance helps prevent the PTO shaft from bottoming out when making sharp turns. It also prevents the two parts of the shaft from detaching during cornering.
Universal joints are used in agricultural and forestry equipment and other vehicles with large number of rotors. They can be made of different materials. The most common is steel or stainless steel. This material can last for many years. A universal joint is an excellent option for small tractors, lawn mowers, and other agricultural equipment.
The universal joint is also very useful when coupling or extending drive lines. It comes with 2 yokes and a cross kit. The yokes measure 6 x 13/8″ spline, while the cross kit measures 30,2 x 92 mm. The universal joint is made to withstand extreme temperatures. It can be easily disassembled and serviced if necessary.

Square rigid shaft

Torsion is a property of a mechanical system that is affected by changes in torsional rigidity. Torsional rigidity is measured as the torque needed to twist one unit of angular measurement over one unit of length. A shaft with high torsional rigidity will provide a stable mechanical interface.
Different shafts may have different types of collars. The most basic one is a sleeve, which is composed of a thick tube with the same diameter as the shaft. The sleeve is attached to each end of the shaft and has threaded inserts to prevent longitudinal movement.
The PTO shaft also has a safety shield on both ends. It helps to prevent accidents by securing equipment to the tractor. It can be found in domestic and metric shapes. The domestic versions are generally round and domestic shaped, while metric versions are available in a bell, football, star, and metric shape.
An CZPT coupling consists of three pieces: a center plastic disc, two encompassing discs, and a flange. These parts are joined together with a ring that is screwed to the shaft. Some couplings feature oil injection points on the coupling. These can supply oil under pressure to the coupling’s annular grooves. This helps it ‘float’ and aids in the removal.
Another type of flexible coupling is the universal joint. These couplings can be made from a variety of materials, such as rubber, braided metal wire, or woven wire. They can be fabricated to withstand various misalignments. But, unlike rigid couplings, flexible couplings are susceptible to shock and vibration.
Shaft Collar

Economy PTO

Economy PTO shafts are designed to reduce the overall torque and power consumption of a tractor. They can be manually adjusted to engage and disengage the PTO. The cab mounted control/monitoring unit 14 has a switch 19 that selects between the economy and normal driving modes of the PTO. Using the economy mode decreases the engine rpm while using a lower gear ratio to drive the PTO shaft.
Economy PTO shafts come in hydraulic and mechanical versions. Both types are suitable for agricultural tractors. They allow the tractor to operate at a lower rpm, which reduces noise and vibration. They can also be used in a wide range of equipment. The transmission PTO is the oldest type, and is directly connected to the transmission. When the clutch is engaged, it drives the transmission.
Standard PTO shafts are available in various diameters, splines, and speeds. Many implements are designed to be compatible with one or more of these types of PTO shafts. The domestic versions come with a splined front shaft and a square, rectangle, or round secondary shaft.
Another difference between the two types is the number of teeth on the toothed wheel. The economy PTO allows the tractor to run at a lower rpm than the standard PTO. The engine rpm can go as low as 1600 while using the economy PTO. It also helps to reduce noise and vibration in the cab.
The present invention solves these issues and provides an increased level of automation and operator awareness of the PTO function. It also includes a system for detecting the type of PTO shaft and automatically setting the parameters of the control routine.
China Qyd Flail Mower for Tractor with Pto Shaft     pto shaft bearingChina Qyd Flail Mower for Tractor with Pto Shaft     pto shaft bearing
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China Hydraulic 3 Point Heavy Duty Lawn Flail Hammer Mower Mulcher for tractor with PTO Shaft in China Price pto shaft diagram

Warranty: 1 12 months
Relevant Industries: Farms, Residence Use, Retail
Weight (KG): 265
Showroom Spot: Italy, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia
Video clip outgoing-inspection: Supplied
Equipment Examination Report: Supplied
Advertising Type: Common Merchandise
Guarantee of main parts: 1 12 months
Core Elements: Motor
Sort: Agricultural flail mower
Use: grass mower
Issue: New
Essential Selling Factors: straightforward to use
Product: Heavy Obligation Lawn Flail Hammer
Doing work width: 1350-2150mm
PTO input pace: 540rpm
Hammer blades: 22-38N.
Rotor velocity: 2160rpm
Required HP: 40-a hundred
: forty four-76
Function: Grass mower
Excess weight: 312-390
Safety fuction: yes
Packaging Information: Iron shelf

Hydraulic 3 Point Large Duty Lawn Flail Hammer Mower Mulcher for tractor with PTO Shaft in China Price

ModelsWorking width(mm)PTO Input pace(rpm)Hammer Blades(N.)“Y”Grass Blades(N.)Rotor Velocity(rpm)Required Hp
EFGCH22021505403876216085-a hundred
one. Buy will be ship to your seaport by sea, you should explain to us your seaport.2. if you require us ship to your doorway, remember to contact us to quotation you to door shipment. This flail mower completes the shredding function for grass, straw, and branches, with far more fragile shredding influence. It can very easily change the stubble top can shred grass roots. It also has a number of operational safety security mechanisms. It has hydraulic manage of the left, middle and appropriate side operation. You Have Our Wordsone. one hundred% Pleasuretwo. ≤ 12hours Reply3. Free of charge Accent Replacement4. One Year Warranty5. OEM Service6. Stock Avaliable7. Fast Delivery8. Sample Avaliable Q: What is your mininum buy quantity?A: We have it at stock, the MOQ is 1pc, we can ship to you extremely before long. Q: What’s the payment technique?A: Our payment terms are T/T, Paypal, alibaba trace assurance, western union. Q: How do you control the high quality?A: We have QA&QC office and all merchandise will be a hundred% checked prior to pack. And we will pack it nicely with bubbles and carton box Q: May i have my emblem on?A: Indeed, we can set your logo on when you purchase massive amount. Title goes here.Semi-Computerized PET Bottle Blowing Equipment Bottle Producing Device Bottle Moulding MachinePET Bottle Creating Machine is suitable for creating PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes. Semi-Automated PET Bottle Blowing Device Bottle Generating Machine Bottle Moulding MachinePET Bottle Creating Equipment is suited for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all styles.

drive shaft parts
China Hydraulic 3 Point Heavy Duty Lawn Flail Hammer Mower Mulcher for tractor with PTO Shaft in China Price     pto shaft diagramChina Hydraulic 3 Point Heavy Duty Lawn Flail Hammer Mower Mulcher for tractor with PTO Shaft in China Price     pto shaft diagram
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